PSD Computing overview

PSD Computing provides IT support to all faculty and staff in the Physical Sciences Division.  We focus on areas of support that supplement the expertise of your Department's or Institute's IT Staff.

  • Macintosh and Windows hardware and software support
  • Temporary account creation, Fac/Staff account pre-feed, and bulk meeting network IDs
  • FileServer services
  • Consultation about purchases or any other general IT topic

You should also think of PSD Computing as your interface to other IT Resources on campus.  If you don't know who to contact about any technology issue, please see us.

PSD Computing/Desktop Support is located in the basement of the Henry Hinds Laboratory building.  We're in the tall brown building just behind the campus bookstore.


Latest News and Announcements

PSD Computing's New Problem Tracking System

June 30th, 2017

PSD Computing is in the process of moving to a new back-end system for collecting and tracking your support requests.

There may be some distruptions in service during this transistion, but once this process is complete but when completed, you will continue to be able to reach us through the same familiar methods.

We appologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

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New PSDSupport Incident/Problem tracking system

PSD Computing has moved to a new system to track your requests for IT Support.   The URL now points to a new PSD Computing ticketing system hosted at  

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AutoDesk software now free to Educational Institutions

Effective May 7, 2014, Autodesk began offering Autodesk software to qualified Educational Institutions for free.

AutoDesk Software for Institutions

Links to download Autodesk software, along with license codes, are available at our Autodesk Download Webpage.

You may be asked to log in to acess the above link.  You can access the content with your CNetID credentials.

-- Steven

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Ordering post-Solution Center


We've been in discussions with Procurement about some proposed changes to vendor availability in Buysite.  Please read our Purchasing document for information about ordering Computer equipment from some popular vendors in the future.

There has understandably been some confusion about ordering Computer-related hardware now that the Solution Center has been dissolved.  

Below I'll highlight some of the information we've received about ordering post-Solution Center.

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Apple extends warranty for 27" iMac video issues

Apple computer has extended warranty coverage for 27" iMacs that exhibit video problems.  

iMacs purchased between May 2011 and October 2012 with AMD Radeon HD 6970M video cards have suffered from an unusually high rate of video problems.

This is not a product recall.  The warranty extension only affect Machines from this period which aren't already covered by Extended Applecare warantees. 

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Stuff you didn't know about

There are a number of servcies and resources available to University Facutly, Staff, and Students which many of our users are unaware of.   IT Services has recently added a page to highlight some of these, but I'd like to add our list of things we think you should know about.

IT Services

Chat with 4-Tech  IT Services' help desk now provides an web chat application.  Our experiences with it have been very positive.

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TAG - Faculty/Staff prefeeds, Tempory User, and Meeting IDs

The TAG program allows local staff to process your requests for account access.  

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