Local IT Specialists inside the PSD

IT Support available in the Physical Sciences Division

Much of the IT Support in the Physical Sciences Division is local to the various Departments and Institutes.

PSD Computing tends to handle more of the general IT Support requests with a focus on typical Desktop Support issues like Windows and Macintosh hardware and software support, though that's far from all we do.  

Local Systems Administrators tend to focus on Linux/Unix support and are more likely to have specialized knowledege related to their unit's particular areas of Research.  Each local support group defines their own scope of support based on their available resources.  Issues outside the support scope are referred to PSD Computing / PSD Desktop Support.

Local Support Resources


Astronomy, AstroPhysics, KICP and the KALVI Institute

Valeri Galtsev

Center for Advanced Radiation Sources

Charlie Smith


Zbigniew L. Gasyna

Computer Science

Bob Bartlett

Colin Hudler

Phil Kaufmann

Enrico Fermi Institute

Mary Heintz

Financial Mathematics

Michael Jehlik

Minsik Yu

The James Franck Institute and The Materials Research Center

Brent Busby


Ed Friedman

John Zekos

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John Zekos   

Ed Friedman

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