New PSDSupport Incident/Problem tracking system

PSD Computing has moved to a new system to track your requests for IT Support.   The URL now points to a new PSD Computing ticketing system hosted at  

Because we are hosting our Problem Ticketing on an external service, you may occasionally notice the URL when interacting with us.  Though you should always be suspicious of University Business linked to URLs outside of the domain, you can consider a trusted internet domain when dealing with PSD Computing/PSD Desktop Support.

Important Points about the new PSDSupport Ticketing System

  • You can still log in to the site with your CNetID credentials.  You'll be redirected to the official Campus Shibboleth Login to enter your credentials, then returned to the ticketing system.    
  • We have not pre-imported everyone's User Information into the site.  We're looking into this, but until that happens, you may notice that problem tickets created by email may not have your full name attached until you log into the new at least once.
  • We are still tweaking the interface and features of the new ticketing system.  If you have suggestions or requests about the web interface or the email updates you receive from the system, please send you comments to Steven Bandyk at sbandyk AT
  • If you are interested in having a request tracking system for your PSD Dept/Group, please send in a request to to discuss getting your own email address and support queue on PSDSupport.