Ordering post-Solution Center


We've been in discussions with Procurement about some proposed changes to vendor availability in Buysite.  Please read our Purchasing document for information about ordering Computer equipment from some popular vendors in the future.

There has understandably been some confusion about ordering Computer-related hardware now that the Solution Center has been dissolved.  

Below I'll highlight some of the information we've received about ordering post-Solution Center.

Directions for future purchases:

Now that the Solution Center has closed, departments will now order direct to the supplier in Buysite.  If you do not have Buysite access, you can request it via email to buysite@lists.uchicago.edu.  When you place Buysite orders, you will need to make sure that you have your ship to address and bill to address correct in those fields.  Orders will be shipped directly to you unless you made prior arrangements to have your delivery come to the IT Services receiving area (formerly the Solution Center warehouse).   

Dell has a B2B punch-out in Buysite.  You do not have to go to a separate site to get a quote for Dell.  You can put together a configuration, add it to cart and submit it in Buysite all from the Dell punch-out.  Occasionally, you may find that you have to get a custom quote from our Dell rep and in that instance, the Dell rep will add that quote to the punch-out so that you can add that to cart.  See the first attachment to see an example of the email that the Dell rep will send to you in that instance.

The inside rep for Dell for pre-sales consultation or help with shipping and billing information is Collin Dennis, Collin_Dennis@Dell.com.

Apple will eventually have a B2B punch-out like Dell’s but in the meantime, you can order Apple as a non-catalog part in Buysite, choosing Apple Inc. as the supplier.

If you have not yet set up a profile to create Apple Institutional web proposals (quotes), please follow the directions in the second attachment.  You will be able to use that access site to create Institutional Web Proposals for standard Apple computers and peripherals and custom configurations at academic pricing.  You can use the web proposal number as the catalog number in a non-catalog order to Apple Inc.  The inside sales rep for Apple for pre-sales consultation or help with shipping and billing information is Jessica Morris, morris@apple.com.

For all of the other accessories that can’t be found at Dell or Apple, including printers and toner, you can use the new GovConnectionpunchout.  Adobe licensing will also be purchased through GovConnection, as well as some other non-site licensed software.  We have a dedicated rep for pre-sales consultation or help with shipping and billing information.  You can find Christopher Nilles contact info on the upper left side of the punch-out page.

Microsoft (Select agreement and Campus Agreement), Endnote and Parallels license purchasing is now being handled by Site Licensing as well as the other University site licenses.  Orders to them should be non-catalog orders in Buysite, choosing ITS Site Licensing as the supplier. Pricing and part numbers will soon be posted on the licensing web page.  Until then, for part and price information, contactlicensing@uchicago.edu.

Hardware Repair continues its services at 6019 S Kimbark.  See attachment.

Cellular Services continues at 6045 S. Kenwood.  Contact support@uchicago.edu

IT Services still offers recycling for all your technology products at 6019 S. Kimbark.  Departments may contact emoss@uchicago.edu to schedule a pick-up.

Dear Apple Education Customer,

We're excited to announce the new online Apple Store for Education Institutions.  We invite you to join us for the launch of a terrific shopping experience!

Please take a moment to view a short video of the new Apple online store at:

HD (54.4 MB): http://salesdownload.apple.com/public/communication/phoenix/video/edu/phoenix_1b_edu_1280x720.mp4

SD (13 MB): http://salesdownload.apple.com/public/communication/phoenix/video/edu/phoenix_1b_edu_640x360.mp4

The video showcases the ways in which the new store can streamline your buying experience and increase efficiency for your organization.

To maintain a secure environment, all new users must register for access to the store. This is a simple process. Please visit myaccess.apple.com. to register. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

We're happy to welcome you to the new online Apple Store for Education Institutions. If you have questions or require further assistance, you may reply directly to this email. An Apple Education agent will follow up with you within 24 hours with a response.

Best regards, Apple Education


University of Chicago non-standard quotes Your Quote number xxxxxx has been added to the University of Chicago Punchout Site.  
Quotes will remain on the site for 30 days then they will be removed.

To access the saved quote, please access Dell’s Catalog via your University of Chicago Punchout site.  Once on the Dell Catalog, please follow these easy steps… 1.) Please click on “My Premier” 2.) Next, choose “Custom Links” 3.) And, then click on “Non-Standard Quotes” 4.) Next, click the “Add to Cart” next to your Quote number (listed above) to add the items to your cart.     After you have added all of your quotes into the cart, please choose “Create Order Requisition”.  Once completed, you will be returned to your order requisition screen within your eProcurement system.