Data Recovery Service

In the Desktop Support Office, PSD Computing provides rudimentary data recovery services.  We are not, however, equiped with clean-room facilities or the bench hardware required to disassemble physically damaged drives to attempt recovery directly from drive platters.    If that's required, we can recommend Professional Data Recovery firms that have relationships with the University of Chicago.

We can potentially..

  • recover data from drives that are unavailable to your computer because of data corruption.  Drives that spin-up, don't make unusual noises, but don't have mountable volumes anymore.
  • recover data from drives that have minor physical defects that affect your ability to retrive any or all of your data.
  • recover files that were unintentionally deleted.

In all the above cases, it's extremely important that you spin-down the drive as soon as you notice issues.  If the drive is physically damaged [making unusual noises] or if you've accidentially deleted a file, we recommend you simply pull the power on your computer or disconnect external drives without shutting down the computer properly or unmounting the drive from the Operating system.   The normal shutdown process causes the computer to write to the disk, potentially exacerbating physical problems or causing data to be written over the physical location of your deleted file(s).

We can not..

  • recover data from a single drive in a RAID 0 configuration.  Don't bother asking.  RAID 0 should never be used without robust backups if you value the data at all.
  • recover data from a degraded RAID of any class other than RAID 1.  We can attempt to recover data from the members of a failed RAID 1, but we've seen several instances were errors on one member in the mirror were written to the other member before the mirror completely failed.
  • recover data from devices that have serious hardware issues.

Related Services..

We have the ability to create forensic copies of drives.  We do not, however, have any particular forensic certifications and have not yet been called to testify in any legal proceedings related to a forensic audit.   If you require forensic analasys or archiving of a drive for any reason, please contact us and we can discuss whether or not a particular issue should be escellated to a professional Forensic company.

Requests for Data Recovery or related services should be made through normal channels.