Delegated Administration of Managed Computers

Managed Computers

PSD Computing actively manages Windows and Macintosh comptuers for a few groups inside the Division.  Usually, we retain sole administrative rights to manage and update these systems.  In certain situtaitons we will support a hybrid model where we actively manage the computers but we also provide administrative access to the primary user of the comptuer system.

Primary User Administrators

with great power comes great responsibility

In allowing primary users to act as administrators, our intention is to allow more freedom in using your computer to conduct research.  Only the primary user associated with each machine will be able to promote their account to Administrator.  It is up to the PI or Staff Supervisor overseeing your area to determine who is the primary user for any given computer in your area.

Your rights as a local Admin will make some routine tasks easier, but they also grant you the power to inadvertently break your Computer.  Substantial software problems may require formatting and reinstallation to restore the system as quickly as possible.   We encourage you to speak to PSD Desktop Support [] if you have any questions about your computer, or if you need anything installed.

In support requests, please submit as much detail as you are able.  Log entries, screenshots, links to resources, and detailed explanations of both the steps leading up to and the actual problem will greatly improve the likelihood of and time to solution.   Also remember we're not ourselves scientists, we don't spend nearly as much time in specialized scientific applications [like VMD & Gromacs]. If you can, include the steps required to replicate the problem you’re experiencing.

Macintoshes managed by Casper

Enabling Administrator access can be accomplished by installing the “Promote my Account to Administrator” action via Self Service.

Windows Computers requiring CNet credentials to authenticate

For Windows computers bound to Active Directory [CnetID logins], we will grant the rights through Active Directory.  After we apply these changes, they will take affect after you log out and log back into the computer.