Hypnotoad rises again

PSD Computing acquired some better equipment for our Divisional Computational Cluster, Hypnotoad.  We're now ready to open up access to the new Hypnotoad.

We are also currently migrating this site to the new Voices service and we will provide more details about the re-launched Hypnotoad there.  This page will just cover the basics.

What Hypnotoad is and isn't

Hypnotoad IS NOT a modern High Performance Computing system.  In fact, our newer hardware is almost ancient by HPC standards.  However...

Hypnotoad is free to PSD Faculty, Staff & Students.  We do not limit free access to a set number of CPU hours.

Hypnotoad is flexible.  Let us know what you hope to accomplish on Hypnotoad and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

And, Hypnotoad is a good learning environment.  We expect it will be used as an introduction to the world of higher-performance HPC Clusters (like the RCC's Midway cluster) for students and other users who are new to running computational jobs in a cluster environment.


The cluster currently contains 66 compute nodes providing 624 physical CPU cores in total.  A group of these nodes also contain NVIDIA Tesla co-processors to run CUDA and OpenCL code.  More specifically:

  • 42 hypnonodes in the "hypnotoad" partition.  Dual-Socket w/ Quad-Core 5xxx-series Xeons (8-cores total) & 24GB-48GB of RAM
  • 24 GPU nodes in the "gpu" partition.  Dual-Socket Hex-Core 5xxx-series Xeons (12-cores total) with 24GB of RAM and an older Nvidia TESLA card.
  • Nodes are connected by a high-speed low-latency Infiniband network for MPI thread passing between nodes.

Requesting Access

You can use this form, OR email us at psdds@uchicago.edu to request access to Hypnotoad.  Include the following if you email us...

  • Your First & Last Name.
  • your CNetID
  • If you are a student, please include the Name of your Faculty Advisor, or the name of the PI who's lab you're working in.   We only require this to track usage, and to make it easier to track down student users should we ever need to.
  • Any specific software you'll require.
  • Any questions you have about using Hypnotoad.

We will reply to let you know how to access hypnotoad.  We will also subscribe you to a "hypnotoad-announce" mailing list.  We will only use this list to announce scheduled maintenance and to alert users about any problems that might affect the availability of Hypnotoad.

Using Hypnotoad

Looking for Documentation about actually using Hypnotoad?  Check out our Using Hypnotoad page for more info.  Also, feel free to send specific questions or requests to us at sysadmin@psdsupport.uchicago.edu.