PSD Software Stores

PSD WebStores

PSD Computing has setup custom webstores to allow you to access free or site-licensed software.  Please refer to the comments below to determine the terms of each license.

PSD Microsoft Store

As a STEM organization PSD Faculty, Staff and Students qualify for free licensing on many Microsoft products.  

Visit the Microsoft DreamSpark Webstore to see which applications are available.

PSD VMware VMAP Store

The PSD's subscription to the VMware Academic Program allows Faculty and Research Staff to acquire free VMWare software and services for Academic use.  You may Not use these licenses for production infrastructure.  License details availalbe here.


  • VMware Fusion

  • VMware vCenter Lab Manager

  • VMware vCenter Server

  • VMware vSphere

  • VMware Web-based eLearning

  • VMware Workstation

Visit the VMware Academic Program webstore to access these resources.

Other Campus WebStores and Software Licensing Sites

IT Services Site Licenses

Electronic Design Software