Stuff you didn't know about

There are a number of servcies and resources available to University Facutly, Staff, and Students which many of our users are unaware of.   IT Services has recently added a page to highlight some of these, but I'd like to add our list of things we think you should know about.

IT Services

Chat with 4-Tech  IT Services' help desk now provides an web chat application.  Our experiences with it have been very positive.

EduRoam  The University of Chicago participates in a federated network access system which is visiable on campus as the "eduroam" wireless network.  Accounts from any Eduroam site can log in with their local credentials at any other Eduroam site.  

For example, instead of logging into "uchicago-secure" with my CNetID ["sbandyk" in my case] & password, I can log into our Eduroam network with [""] and my CNet password.  Likewise, I can go to any other Eduroam network, like the one at the University of Michigan or UIC, and log with my and my cnet password.

If you have visitors coming in from an Eduroam participating University, there's no need to request a guest or temporary Network ID for them.  Just point them to the "eduroam" wireless network.

WebShare  IT Services provides everyone with an active CNet ID access to the site.  Webshare is essentially a file server with a web interface.   You can keep files placed on webshare private, but the intention is to provide a space where you can share files that are too large to send through email.

Rights can be set to limit access to other CNet IDs, or set to be public.  For public shares, you can simply provide a URL link to let others download your data.

Students and Staff get 1GB quotas on WebShare.  PIs get 50GB, though requests can be made for larger quotas to address specific needs.

More information about WebShare is available at the ITS Website.

UChicago FAX  This is an on-line FAX system that allows users to receive incomming faxes and send out faxes through email or through a stand-alone Application on your computer.

  • Transfer an existing FAX number to the UChicago FAX service
  • Save money.. UChicago FAX numbers cost $2.24/month while Analog phone lines cost $30/month with a $35 installation charge for new lines
  • UChicago FAX numbers can deliver in-bound FAXes to one user or a group of users

Google Apps  The Univesity of Chicago has an agreement with Google to host a Google Apps domain.  

  • Anyone can claim their UChicago GoogleApps account at

  • Easily collaborate with other users with a UChicago GoogleApps account
  • You can have your email delivered to a GMail account in the UChicago Google realm.  The main advantage is the 25GB of storage.
  • You can do some interesting things with your UChicago Gmail account even if you don't use it to read your UChicago Email.  Psst.. don't tell ITS..  ;-)

UChicago Arts - Hack Arts Lab

The Hack Arts Lab [HAL] is a collaborative project between UChicago Arts and the Computation Instutite.  I'll let them describe the lab themselves..

The Hack Arts Lab (HAL) provides an open-access laboratory for creative digital fabrication and visualization.  This makerspace-styled workshop is designed to support a breadth of activity ranging from undergraduate projects to faculty-led exploration.  

HAL resources include 3D printers, laser cutter, advanced graphics, and microcontroller workbenches, all offered at minimal cost.

Our equipment and facilities are available to University of Chicago students, staff, and faculty for creative projects and teaching uses. We support the curricular needs of courses interested in digital fabrication and visualization, as well as self-directed projects.  


PSD Computing

Hypnotoad  PSD Computing's Free Computation cluster.  It's not the fastest system on campus, but it's FREE!   Request access to hypnotoad by sending an email to sysadmin at psdsupport.