Stuff we love

Us nerds at PSD Computing stumble across cool, useful tools all the time.  At this page, we're going to highlight some technology that we think you might be interested in taking a look at.



  • Enthought Canopy  A cross-platform Python Integrated Development Environment.   Aside from the expected niceties like code completion and syntax highlighting, it includes online documentation and a Graphical Package Manager.  The Package Manager includes over 10,000 packages and supports update notification and roll-back.     Best part.. Free EDU Licensing!



  • Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500   The Scan Snap is a small footprint duplex color scanner that's designed for the type of scanning that's typical in offices.  It has a 50 page hopper and it'll scan both sides of a document in one pass.  It auto-detects both document size so you can use it for photos, business cards and the like and it also auto-detects whether your documents are double-sided or not.   I have the older s1500M model and I've recommenced it to a few users on campus.  So far, everyone loves them.   The s1500 had a different version for Windows and Mac users [same device, different software bundle] but Fujitsu has made the iX500 cross-platform.  In addition to Windows and Mac support they've added an entirely new impressive feature.  The iX500 supports wireless scanning to Android and iOS devices.  Oh yea, how can you go wrong with the new 'Tron Teal' LEDs.  :-)   It's a little pricy but I think well worth it if you do frequent or bulk scanning.   Best price at time of writing is $424.99 from B&H photo [they're in BuySite]

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