AutoDesk Software

Autodesk Software Installers and Licenses

PSD Computing has secured a number of bulk stand-alone license codes for use with Autodesk software.   These Autodesk software licenses and installer files are availabe at the campus share.

All of the software provided at the above share is free to Students, Staff, Academics, and Faculty of the University of Chicago.  If you leave the University of Chciago before the license code expires, you must uninstall the software you've acquired under this Edu License agreement.

If you haven't already claimed your University account at the Cloud shareing service, navigate to and follow the directions for claiming your account.


Not all Autodesk products are available as part of the Edu-License agreement.  In particular, we do not have access to a stand-alone installer for Autodesk Inventor but you can acquire Inventor through the Product Design Suite.

Suites will have multiple archives of installer files.  You must download all of the archive files before attempting to install a Suite of software.


  1. To install any of the Autodesk products, you must download all archives associated with that product.  
  2. Double-click the lowest numbered archive file to expand it.  By default, the windows archive files will expand into C:\autodesk\archive_name
  3. Follow the installer instructions.  To get through the installer, you will need to provide two things..
    1. License Codes.. you can retrieve a Serial Number and Product Key from the BoxNote we've posted at the Autodesk Share.
    2. An Autodesk user account..  you'll be required to associate the product key with an account on the Autodesk site.  You can create an Autodesk account from the installer if you do not already have one.

If you do not see the Autodesk share embedded in this page, you can navigate directly to the installers for AutoDesk Software here: