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Hull accounts allow outside affiliates to authenticate to non-central computer systems, as long as they are configured to use the central CNet user directory.

For example, a system like PSD Repo uses CNetID credentials to authenticate users.  If you need to collaborate with a colleague who doesn't have a CNetID, perhaps someone from Cornell, you can request a Hull account for them which they can use to access your projects.

Step one:  request a Hull account for your collaborator

Submit the required information in the form below.

We can't create a Hull account, but we can authorize them to claim one.  After they claim the account and let you know which CNetID they pick for their Hull account..

Step two:  Grant them access

This may require you to request access to a system from the System Administrator running that computer system, or in the case of something like PSD Repo, it may simply require you to give that account the appropriate rights for your repository.