TAG - Faculty/Staff prefeeds, Tempory User, and Meeting IDs

There are several types of accounts we can help your users claim depending on their requirements. 

  • Pre-Feed:    Faculty and Staff new-hires can be "pre-fed" to allow them to claim their CNet accounts before they show up in the HR user data feed.  Pre-Feeds can now be handled by PSD HR staff inside the UCAT system.
  • Temporary Users:    Temp accounts are appropriate for guests who will be on campus for more than a week but less than 3 months.  Temp accounts receive wireless, and VPN access by default.  You can request a temporary Email account as well.
  • Meeting IDs:    Generic password-less accounts that grant wireless internet access to multiple users.  Intended for events that will attract multiple guests.   Also appropriate for individual short term [1-7 day visit] guests.  MeetingIDs can be requested ahead of time.
  • Hull Accounts:    Hull accounts can be created for very long periods but they are not designed for users who need access to the central systems run by IT Services.  Hull accounts are useful for groups that would like to grant access to systems run inside the PSD, provided those systems use CNet credentials to authenticate users.

More information about the TAG program and the above accounts can be found in the Trusted Agent Program Handbook.

Please use the following forms to submit your requests:

Requests must be submitted by a Faculty or Administrative Staff member in your area.         ## login to above links with your CNet credentials

Requests can also be submitted in person to PSD Computing by walking your client over to our offices.  Please call first to make sure we're available.  Walking clients over allows us to walk them through the CNet claim process, otherwise we'll email them with instructions.

Hinds  B-045, B-041, or B-031.  Call Desktop Support @ 2-6431 or Steven Bandyk @ 2-9349 to confirm we are available.

NEW Faculty/Staff Guest Wireless Sponsorship

Full-time Faculty and Staff can now create short-term guest wireless access on their own.  These temporary accounts can be enabled for up to two weeks and provide access to the "uchicago-guest" wireless network.

These guest accounts do not have access to any other University resources other than the "uchicago-guest" network.   The "uchicago-guest" network is also segregated from the general campus network so some network resources on campus may not be available to devices on "uchicago-guest".

Instructions for creating guest accounts are posted here.