Ongoing Projects

Projects currently in development in PSD Computing

PSD Computing is always evaluting new solutions to address IT issues in the Division.  We're usually actively working to release a new resource to the Division at any given time.

Below you'll find a list of projects that we're currently working on.  If you would like to provide input on any of these to help direct us to better address your needs, please contact Steven Bandyk at

In Active Development

PSD Repo

A "Git" software source code repository

PSD Repo is currently running on the GitLab Enterprise software package.  User authentication by CNetID is working but we're still working on the mapping of users to the approprate Organizations in the application.  When complete, new users will automatically be added to their Department's organization and possibly other teams if defined in Gitlab.

GitLab Documentation and help is available at the following..

Status: is online.  

We're still working on LDAP group mappings to place PSD-Repo user accounts into the appropriate Departmental groups.   Users who sign in now without a group mapping will have their group affiliations updated on the login after the changes are made to the server.

On Hold

PSD Archive

A long-term data archive and online portal to preserve and host research data.

To comply with the NSF's Grant Data Management Plan requirement and to address the general need for long-term retention of important research data, PSD Computing is developing a long-term data archive and a public web interface to that data.  The system will provide a Storage component designed to provide high levels of data integrity, data availability, and data retention capabilities.  The Web interface will provide PIs with tools to upload and apply meta-data to their publications and research data.  It will also allow the P.I.s to enable open or on-demand access to research data as required by their Grants.

Storage-   Primary storage will be comprised of RAID 6 Disk array(s) hosted in the Hinds data center.  A replica of that storage will be stored on RAID 6 Disk array(s) hosted across campus in the 1155 Building data center.  Replication of new data will occur nightly.   Disaster Recovery will be addressed with nightly backups to tape with off-site media rotation.

Internet Hosting-  We will be using the DSpace software package to provide a public and on-demand web portal to research data as required by the terms of your Grant.  You'll authenticate with your CNet ID credentials to create or manage data archives.