Guest Wireless Access

Visitors to the University of Chicago have several options for wireless network access.

Sponsored Guest access

Any University full-time Faculty or Staff can create accounts to create the "uchicago-guest" wireless network.  The accounts can be extended for up to two weeks of access.  There are some limitations though.

  • Only the uchicago-guest wireless network is available to these accounts.
    • uchicago-guest is segregated from the main campus network.  Some resources may be unavilable to devices on this network.
    • Connections to uchicago-guest will time out after 8 hours of use, requireing re-authentication.  
    • uchicago-guest traffic is not encrypted.
  • Sponsored guest accounts are granted no rights to other University resources aside from the uchicago-guest wireless network.

IT Services provides a number of web pages for Sponsors and Guests describing the uchicago-guest network and how to access it.

Guest Network Sponsor Information

Guest network FAQ

Instructions for Guest Wireless sponsors

Instructional Video for Guests